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Kate Avery - 2014 NCAA Cross Country Champion

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Photo Gallery: IONA’S ATHLETES ‘MAKE A DIFFERENCE’ 10/15/2006
On a national day of helping others named Make A Difference Day Iona College Student-Athletes came together with other members of the Iona College community and sprung into action. Saturday October 15th, volunteers assembled at 8am in Spellman Lounge to meet with Make A Difference Day site leaders and to receive final instructions about the location they would be working at. Groups were sent to numerous locations within the Westchester area as well as within New York City to Central Park. Teams worked with New Rochelle Parks and Recreation to help restore our local ecosystem and other teams worked with Habitat for Humanity assisting with construction activities. Groups worked within the local YMCA creating recreational activities for adolescents and other teams assisted children with disabilities in NYC play outside. These are just a few of the many activities that took place that the Iona College community was involved. Overall the initiative was a tremendous success. The student-athletes clearly demonstrated their willingness to assist there surrounding communities and brought the athletics community together with those who are most in need.
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