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Tom Comenzo Ď67






Tom Comenzo enters the Iona College Hall of Fame as a founding member of the Iona College football team and the squad’s first captain.


From the beginning, Comenzo was involved in all facets of the program. He helped recruit and hire Iona’s first head football coach, Ben Bedini. Comenzo was also one of the chief fundraisers, and involved in the purchasing of equipment and the renting of fields. On the gridiron, Tom played both offensive tackle and defensive end for the Gaels, who posted a combined record of 10-3-1 during the first two seasons of competition.


In 1967, Comenzo took his passion for football to Westchester Community College, where he had nine impressive seasons as the school’s first head football coach.


Comenzo is also a founding member of the Gridiron Club, the fundraising vehicle for the Iona College football program.

 Today, Tom is the president of the trading firm TA Comenzo, and is a member and seat holder on both the Cotton Exchange and the Commodities Exchange (COMEX).
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