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WBB Canada Blog Day 8 - A. Powell & J. Dorcas-Eya

          Release: 08/17/2012
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The Iona College women's basketball team is in the midst of a nine-day international trip to Canada for a quintet of games and scrimmages against teams from the Ontario province.  To keep fans up to date with the action, a different member, or members, of the team will be blogging a daily report on

This is sophomore Aleesha Powell and senior Jiya Dorcas-Eya with today's blog entry for August 17th.  We started our day, very early, with a loud fire alarm awakening us all in our hotel rooms. It was four in the morning and we all hopped out of bed and met in the hallway. We listened to the woman on the loud speaker tell certain floors to evacuate, but since our coaches are protective of us, we evacuated anyway. We walked down six flights of stairs to stand outside of the hotel in the rain. We still had no idea what was going on. We just watched more and more fire trucks pull up. We were finally allowed to go back inside, to walk another six flights back up to our floor. Tired and sweating, we got back in our beds to get some rest. 

We woke up from a few extra hours sleep and got some breakfast. After that, we headed to the fitness area to go over the scouting report and to do some stretching with Coach Kelly. After stretching, we went to get more food and go shopping. We went to a souvenir shop to buy gifts for our families. After spending a bundle on gifts, we went back to the room to get ready to go see the sites of Ottawa. While we were walking around, Jiya went to the United States Embassy to renew her Visa. To our surprise, she was able to meet as we walked around the Canadian Parliament! We continued to take lots of pictures in front and around the beautiful buildings. After we were done with the pictures, we went to our pregame meal. 

We rushed back to our rooms after eating to get some downtime before we had to leave for the game. We relaxed for about an hour and then left for Carleton. We got there and were prepared to battle it out for the win. It was a physical game but when it came down to the last few seconds, we hit a buzzer-beater three to win the game. We stormed the court with excitement. It was a great day. 4-0 is a great way to end our trip!

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