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          Release: 04/21/2010
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The Student Athlete-Advisory Committee along with members of the Iona College Baseball team joined together to participate in Hands Around Iona. Members of SAAC raised money and participated in the event on Wednesday, April 20th 2010.  This fundraiser is an annual event to support the children and communities of Africa.  Over the past few years, a number of Christian Brothers from Africa have come to Iona College to earn their degrees and return to their native country to work with the children and youth of their homeland.

In an effort to help reach out to the communities in need Hands Around Iona was created. Funds raised this year will be used to provide fresh water to Hamilton, an area located in Sierra Leone approximately 10 miles from the city of Freetown.  SAAC members helped contribute to the $20,000 goal of the Iona Community to be donated to Hamilton this year.

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