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Exercise Videos

Arm Haulers

Back Extension

BB Squat
BB Front Squat
BB Split Squat
BB Squat & Press
BB Bench Press
BB Incline Bench Press
BB SL Lunge
BB ALT Lunge
BB SL Step Ups
BB Seated Shoulder Press
BB Standing Shoulder Press
BB Floor Press
BB Dead Lift
BB Upright Row
BB Shrugs
BB Wtd Hip Bridge

Bench Dips
Bent Leg Hip Mobility

Blast Strap Pushup
Blast Strap Tricep Extension
Blast Strap Fall Out
Blast Strap Row (Elbows Tight)
Blast Strap Row (Elbows Out)
Blast Strap Row w/ Rotation
Blast Strap SA Row
Blast Strap I
Blast Strap Y
Blast Strap T
Blast Strap I, Y, T
Blast Strap SL Squat (Bent Leg)
Blast Strap SL Pistol Squat
Blast Strap Split Squat
Blast Strap Fly
Blast Strap Leg Curl
Blast Strap Side Bend
Blast Strap Knees to Chest
Blast Strap Pike
Blast Strap Alt. Knee to Chest

Blast Strap Sit Up

Chin Ups
Close Grip Bench Press
Complex Shoulder Matrix

DB 5 5 Shrugs
DB Alt. Bench Press
DB Alt. Incline Bench Press
DB Alt. Floor Press
DB Alt. Lunge
DB Alt. Shoulder Press
DB Alt. Step Up
DB Bench Press
DB Deadlift
DB Floor Press
DB Fly
DB Front Raise
DB Incline Bench Press
DB Incline Row
DB Lateral Raise
DB Lunge
DB Prone Row
DB Push Up + Row
DB Row
DB Seated Shoulder Press
DB Shrugs
DB Split Squat
DB Squat & Press
DB Step Up
DB Upright Row
DB Wtd Hip Bridge


Drop Push Ups

3 Pt Shoulder
3 Way Calf Raises

Glute Ham

Inverted Row (OH)
Inverted Row (UH)
Inverted Row (OH) Feet on Bench
Inverted Row (UH) Feet on Bench


Lateral Box Lunge
Lateral Lunge

MB 5/5 Squat
2 MB Push Ups
MB Transfer Push Up
MB Walk Over Push Ups

MR Abduction
MR Adduction
MR Bench Press
MR Bicep Curl
MR Dorsi Flexion
MR External Rotation
MR Fly
MR Front Raise
MR Hip Flexion
MR Lateral Raise
MR Leg Curl
MR Neck Extension
MR Neck Flexion
MR Post Delts
MR Push Up
MR Row
MR Saber
MR Shoulder Press
MR Shoulder Tree
MR Sit Up
MR Tricep Extension

MR Upright Row

N O Chins
N O Push Ups

Plate Squat & Press
Plyo Push Ups to Plate
Posterior Delts
Pull Ups
Push Ups

Reverse Hypers

Shoulder Matrix Y, T, W, L

SL Hip Bridge
SL Hip Bridge on MB
Straight Leg Hip Mobility

Walk Over Push Ups

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