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Inside The Park: The Iona Softball Blog

          Release: 01/30/2013
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Iona College softball senior outfielder Eileen McCann returns this season for her second year blogging about the experiences of being a member of the three-time defending MAAC Champion Gaels.


The 2013 Iona softball season has finally arrived! Gameday is just mere days away now and it’s time to put all of our hard work to the test. We open up on Friday, February 8th in Wilmington, North Carolina, against the University of Detroit.

Since returning from winter break two weeks ago, our practices, workouts and team dynamic have all remained productive, positive, and efficient. This past week’s chillingly low temperatures have limited us to work strictly indoors, but we haven’t let that affect the quality of practice or our will to get better.

Last week we had a team meeting after practice to discuss our team goals. Each of us was given the opportunity to stand in front of the team and share our thoughts and feelings about our team and upcoming season. Some of us took the opportunity to present ideas as a center of focus for our team culture, while others simple expressed their gratitude to be a part of the team and have the opportunity to play. I enjoy this part of the game; getting away from the field and connecting with my teammates on a significant level. Meetings such as this are nearly as important as the physical work we put into the game. I consider all of my teammates to be my sisters. We are a family, and I cherish the instances when we can sit in an honest and trusting environment with one another as we did at this meeting.

Beth Kann took this chance to read us an excerpt entitled, Hold the Rope by Yvette Gironard, softball head coach at the University of Southwest Louisiana. The theme of the passage is trust. Having the trust and belief in your teammates to “hold the rope” for you in your time of need. Pick you up when you’re down, and that you will do the same for them. And when you can honestly look at each of your teammates individually and trust them to hold the rope for you, then and only then will you reach success. Beth suggested that “HOLD THE ROPE” be our center of focus as we move forward throughout our season, and we all enthusiastically agreed.

It is truly the perfect idea for us to keep in our sights this year. Our roster is small, and our team is without any superstars. There is not one girl that we can all count on to win the game or carry us. Without each and every one of us “holding the rope” for one another, we are destined to fail.

And so, if nothing else, Iona softball’s 2013 season will be a testament to the lengths at which each of us will go to step up and be present for one another. If we succeed in doing that, there is no doubt we will find success on the field. If we maintain the pace that we have set for ourselves during these last two weeks of work, we’re golden.

The goal is to Four-peat. Holding the rope is simply a means to that end.


**You can Hold The Rope here:

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