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Employment Opportunities

The Intramural and Recreation Department offers a variety of employment opportunities to students.

Intramural Program

The following positions are available within the intramural sports program:

  • Official: Referee various intramural sports, including basketball, flag football, volleyball, softball and soccer. Referees are in charge of overseeing each intramural activity from start to finish. This includes a pre-game captains meeting, oversight of team sign-in, and the refereeing of the actual contest. Experience playing the sport is preferred. No experience officiating is required. All officials will be trained by the Intramural staff.
  • Scorekeeper: Keep score and official time for various intramural activities, including basketball, flag football, volleyball, softball and soccer.
  • Sport Supervisor: The sport supervisor is in charge of overseeing an entire intramural sport. This includes management of officials, scorekeepers and the teams playing. All problems and protests will be handled by the sport supervisor.

Hynes Athletics Center

The following positions are available within the Hynes Athletics Center:

  • Control Desk Staff: Workers at the control desk will be responsible for checking in students, faculty, and other members into the Hynes Center. They will also answer phone calls and questions regarding the Hynes Center and its activities. Control desk staff should be attentive and dependable workers. This is a people oriented position, so people skills and a positive disposition are important.
  • Fitness Staff: Students who work as fitness staff are assigned to various duties associated with maintaining the cleanliness and order of the Hynes Center.

For more information regarding Hynes Center employment please inquire at the Hynes Center Control Desk located in the main lobby, or call (914) 637-7733.

Note: All positions within the Hynes Athletics Center are work-study based. To learn more about work-study, please contact the Financial Aid Department at (914) 633-2497, or visit their website at to see if you are work-study eligible.

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