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The Iona College athletic department's academic support program is a collaborative effort designed to assist student-athletes in achieving their academic, athletic, and career goals

The Athletics Department, the Counseling Center, and the Samuel Rudin Academic Resource Center have "teamed up" to support the holistic development of our student-athletes.

How do we help our Student-athletes succeed?

Through a variety of programs and initiatives, we assist student-athletes, teams, and coaches with respect to their academic, athletic, social, and career concerns.

Academic Development
• New Student-Athlete Orientation
• Academic Skills Workshops (i.e. time management, test taking, note-taking)
• Study Halls and Special Tutoring
• Monitoring of Student-Athlete Academic Performance
• Advocacy regarding special needs accommodations for learning disabled students

Athletic Development
• Performance enhancement counseling
• Stress Management
• Sports Psychology interventions (i.e. visualization, relaxation training)
• Transferring practice skills to game situations

Team Development
• Team building using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
• Leadership development
• Goal setting and values clarification
• S.A.A.C. (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) meeting with team representatives
• Improving communication

Social Development
• Psychological Counseling regarding the following concerns: relationships, drugs and alcohol, gambling, eating disorders, and learning disabilities
• Consultation to athletics staff regarding student-athlete concerns

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