#3 Scott Machado
Position: Guard
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180
Year: Senior
Hometown: Queens, NY
High School: St. Benedict's Prep (N.J.)
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One of the most decorated men's basketball performers in Iona College history... As a senior was the sixth MAAC Player of the Year and fifth Haggerty Award winner in school history... Finished as the Gaels' and the MAAC's all-time leading assist man with 880 career assists, a total that ranks No. 17 all-time in NCAA history... Became the second player in school history (Marvin McCullough) to record 100 or more assists in each of his four seasons at Iona... Set the school single-season record with 281 assists as a junior only to break it with 327 as a junior... Also set the rookie record with 150 assists in 2008-09... Earned MAAC Rookie of the Year honors in 2009... Controls the game without having to score... Tremendous passer with a great understanding of the game... Pure point guard that looks to get his teammates involved... Was a freshman on current Iona head coach Tim Cluess’ varsity squad at St. Mary’s HS in Manhasset, NY in 2004-05 before Cluess departure to Suffolk CC... Was a Marketing major in Iona's Hagan School of Business.

AS A SENIOR (2011-12):
Earned All-MAAC First Team... 2012 Pepsi Max MAAC Player of the Year and Metropolitan Basketball Writer's Association Haggerty Award Winner for New York Metropolitan Area Player of the Year... Bob Cousy Award Finalist... MAAC All-Tournament Team... Four-time Player of the Week (Nov. 21, Nov. 28, Jan. 23, Feb. 20)... Appeared in and started all 33 games... Finished the season averaging 13.6 points per game, 4.9 rebounds per game, team-leading 327 assists for 9.9 per game, 1.6 steals per game, and .495 field goal percentage... Scored 14 points with five rebounds and 11 assists vs. Purdue (Nov. 17)... Scored 17 points with five rebounds, 15 assists, one block, and season-high five steals vs. Western Michigan (Nov. 18)... Scored 15 points with four rebounds, 15 assists, and three steals vs. Maryland (Nov. 20)... Scored season-high 33 points going 4-6 from three-point range and 9-10 in free throws, along with five rebounds, 10 assists, and four steals vs. Saint Joseph's (Nov. 23)... Scored 14 points with three rebounds, 10 assists, and one steal vs. Long Island (Nov. 28)... Netted 19 points with seven rebounds, six assists, one block, and two steals at Denver (Dec. 7)... Scored 12 points with one rebound and eight assists at Marshall (Dec. 11)... Had 13 points on 5-8 shooting and 3-3 in free throws, along with six rebounds and 15 assists at Richmond (Dec. 14)... Scored 14 points including perfect 6-6 in free throws, along with four rebounds, six assists, and one steal at Vermont (Dec. 17)... Had 13 points with three rebounds, eight assists, and three steals vs. Niagara (Jan. 6)... Netted 16 points including perfect 6-6 in free throws, as well as six rebounds, nine assists, and one steal at Marist (Jan. 8)... Scored 12 points with three rebounds, nine assists, and one steal vs. Loyola (Md.) (Jan. 15)... Scored 11 points with nine rebounds, 15 assists, and one steal vs. Rider (Jan. 20)... Scored 16 points including 6-6 in free throws, along with nine rebounds, three assists, and one steal at Siena (Jan. 23)... Scored 18 points with seven rebounds, five assists, one block, and two steals at Fairfield (Jan. 27)... Put up 15 points on 6-8 shooting, along with five rebounds, eight assists, one block, and one steal at Saint Peter's (Jan. 29)... Scored 14 points with six rebounds, 14 assists, and one steal vs. Canisius (Feb. 2)... Scored 18 points including 6-8 in free throws, along with 4 rebounds, nine assists, and one steal at Manhattan (Feb. 4)... Scored 10 points and recorded season-high 11 rebounds, 10 assists, and one steal vs. Marist (Feb. 12)... Scored 16 points with four rebounds, nine assists, and four steals at Rider (Feb. 15)... Scored 13 points including 8-8 in free throws, as well as three rebounds, 15 assists, and two steals vs. Nevada (Feb. 18)... Scored 10 points with two rebounds and seven assists vs. Fairfield (Feb. 24)... Netted 18 points on 7-9 shooting, as well as six rebounds, eight assists, one block, and two steals vs. Marist (Mar. 3)... Put up 24 points with four rebounds, seven assists, and one steal vs. Fairfield (Mar. 4)... Had 15 points with two rebounds, 10 assists, and two steals vs. Brigham Young (Mar. 13)... Had a season-long steals streak of 15 games.

AS A JUNIOR (2010-11):
Named to the All-MAAC First Team and MAAC All-Tournament team for his performance as a junior... Was also named Mid-Major All-American, NABC All-District Second Team in 2010-11 and Postseason All-Tournament Team... Entered his senior year five assists shy of Iona's all-time career record (Rory Grimes, 558)... Started all but one contest and was one of four players to appear in all 37 games in 2010-11... Recorded 28 games with 10 or more points, and four with 20 or more including a season-high 28 points vs. Richmond on Nov. 18... No. 2 on the Gaels and eighth in the MAAC at 13.2 ppg, led the MAAC and No. 2 in the nation with 7.6 assists per game... His 281 total assists were the most in NCAA Division I in 2010-11... Ranked No. 3 on the team with 143 rebounds (3.9/g)...Named to Preseason All-MAAC First Team... Had 11 points and a team-high eight assists and seven rebounds vs. Kent State on Nov. 12... Recorded a team-best 16 points with seven rebounds and six assists vs. Bryant on Nov. 14... Set a career-high with 28 points and 45 minutes and matched his career-best with eight total field goals and three three-pointers in a double OT win over Richmond at home on Nov. 18... Netted 14 points and a career-high 15 assists in win at Albany on Nov. 23... The assist total was the third-highest single-game total in school history and was his third career points-assists double-double... Tallied eight points and three assists for the game, but six and two in crunch time in Iona’s win at Norfolk State on Nov. 23... Had his second double-double of the year with 18 points and 11 assists with just one turnover vs. Canisius on Dec. 3... Tallied nine points and 11 assists vs. Niagara on Nov. 5, and had back-to-back 10+ assist efforts for the first time in his career. Had 13 points and 10 assists at Long Island on Dec. 8 and missed a triple-double by just three rebounds... Posted 13 points with eight assists and seven rebounds vs. Fairleigh Dickinson on Dec. 11... Named StatSheet’s MAAC Player of the Week based purely on his statistical performances vs. LIU and FDU... Tallied 11 points and 13 assists at No. 5 Syracuse on Dec. 18... Recorded a team-high 17 points with four assists and four rebounds vs. Vermont on Dec. 22... Shot a season-best 8-for-9 from the free throw line... Had a team-high 17 points and 11 assists vs. Hofstra on Dec. 29... Missed a triple-double by just one rebound in his career-high nine... Led the Gaels with 21 points and had seven assists and six rebounds at Siena on Jan. 3... Had 10 points and eight assists in 70-52 win over Saint Peter’s on Jan. 7... Had 18 points and 11 assists in win vs. Loyola on Jan.9... Posted 18 points and nine assists in 100-96 overtime win at Rider on Jan. 14... Had nine assists vs. Marist on Jan. 16... Recorded 13 points at Niagara on Jan. 21... Posted a team-high 17 points at Canisius on Jan. 23... Had 12 points and seven assists vs. Rider on Jan. 27... Had team-high 19 points shooting 10-for-13 from the free throw line with six assists at Loyola on Jan. 30... Netted 14 points and dished out 10 assists vs. Manhattan on Feb. 7... Came off the bench for the first time on the season and held to a season-low four points in 20 minutes... Rebounded with a 22-point, 11 assist game, his first 20&10 effort of his career at Marist on Feb. 13... Had 20 points with a career-high six three-pointers at Manhattan on Feb. 16... Netted 10 points and dished out 11 assists with his ninth double-double of the season... Had 10 points, seven boards and five assists at Saint Peter’s on Feb. 25... Had a team-high 15 points with the help of a 7-for-10 performance from the free throw line in the regular season finale vs. Fairfield on Feb. 27... Had 15 points and eight assists in the MAAC quarterfinal round vs. Siena on Mar. 5... Had seven points, 12 assists and five rebounds in the semifinal round vs. Rider on Mar. 6... Posted 15 points and six assists in the championship game vs. Saint Peter’s on Mar. 7... Played 23 minutes due to foul trouble, scoring 11 points (nine in the second half) and dished out six assists in the win at Valparaiso in the first round of the Postseason Tournament on Mar. 16... Had nine points and nine assists in a CIT quarterfinal win over Buffalo on Mar. 22... Recorded eight points and 11 assists in a CIT semifinal victory at East Tennessee State on Mar. 26… Posted 12 points and seven assists vs. Santa Clara in a CIT Championship game loss on Mar. 31.

AS A SOPHOMORE (2009-10):
Named to All-MAAC Second Team for his performance in 2009-10... Started all but two contests and was one of four players to appear in all 31 games in 2010-11... Recorded a team-high 21 games with 10 or more points including twice hitting a career-high of 24 (at Rider, Jan. 9 & at Siena, Feb. 5)... Also recorded two other contests with 20 points on the season... Led the Gaels in scoring (12.5 ppg), assists (3.9 per game), steals (1.6 per game) and free throw percentage (79.2%)... Led or held a share of the lead in assists in 21 of Iona’s 31 games... Led the Gaels with 16 points and six assists while grabbing six rebounds in the season opener vs. BU on Nov. 13... Led the Gaels with five rebounds and five assists at Hampton on Nov. 17... Posted 20 points to go along with six assists, four steals and three rebounds in an all-around effort vs. Norfolk State on Nov. 21... Tallied nine points, four boards, four steals and three assists vs. Florida State on Nov. 26... Had 10 points with four assists vs. Creighton on Nov. 29... Recorded three-straight double-digit point efforts vs. LIU, Providence and Albany from Dec. 9-17.... Had a career-high five steals in the win over Albany on Dec. 17... Posted 12 points and five assists vs. Fairleigh Dickinson on Dec. 23... Had a team-best 14 points with five assists and shot 5-for-9 from the field at UConn on Dec. 27... Came off the bench for the first time on the season and tallied 12 points while scoring or assisting on eight of Iona’s final 10 points including the game-winning lay up with 28 ticks remaining at Niagara on Jan. 2... Also recorded six rebounds and six assists in the contest... Posted 16 points and four assists at Canisius on Jan. 4... Had a career-best 24 points on 6-of-11 from the field and 11-of-14 from the free throw line at Rider on Jan. 9... The 11 free throws were also a career-high while adding six rebounds, four assists and zero turnovers... Snapped a career-high eight straight double-digit point effort streak at Loyola on Jan. 11 with five points but had a team best five assists to go along with four steals... The stretch exceeded his previous high of seven games from 1/4-1/26/09... Netted 12 points in win at home vs. Niagara on Jan. 16... Had his third 20+ point effort of the season with an even-20 against Rider on Jan. 18... Had a team-high 14 points and six assists with no turnovers in win over Marist on Jan. 28... Matched a career-high with 24 points on 8-of-14 shooting and 6-of-6 from the free throw line at Siena on Feb. 5... Netted 17 points vs. Marist on Feb. 7... Posted 11 points and five rebounds vs. Manhattan on Feb. 12... Led the team with 12 points in win over Loyola at home on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14)... Extended his double-digit point scoring streak to five games with a team-best 17 points including a career-high three three-point field goals in Bracketbusters win over William & Mary on Feb. 19... Had 10 points and six assists including the game-winning free throws with 5.8 seconds remaining in the Gaels’ one-point win at Saint Peter’s on Feb. 28... Led the Gaels with 17 points, five assists in three-steals in a quarterfinal round MAAC Championship performance vs. Niagara on Mar. 6.

AS A FRESHMAN (2008-09):
Named MAAC All-Rookie and MAAC Rookie of the Year after earning a conference best and school record six Rookie of the Week accolades... Recorded 150 assists, an Iona rookie record, eighth all-time on the school single-season list and most since Jason Young ‘00 recorded 149 in 1999-00... Split time with Jermel Jenkins and Rashon Dwight at the point guard position... Led the team with 288 points, second with a 9.3 ppg average... Finished third in the MAAC averaging 4.8 assists per game... One of five players to appear in all 31 games while starting 28, the second highest on the team... Led the MAAC with two "points-assists" double-doubles and was one of two players to accomplish the feat... Second on the team with 16 games with 10 or more points... Had an Iona season-hgh seven game double-digit point scoring streak from Jan. 4-Jan. 26... Netted seven points and dished out seven assists in 75-55 win over Valparaiso on Nov. 22... Became second rookie of the season to tally 10 or more points with 11 in a one-point loss to Southern Miss vs. Nov. 24... Recorded 11 points and a season-high four steals while sparking Iona’s second-half comeback at LIU on Dec. 10... Posted career-highs in rebounds (7) and assists (10) to go along with 12 points and recorded his first collegiate double-double in win over Saint Francis on Dec. 14... Had his third straight double-digit effort with 10 points at Western Michigan on Dec. 18... Earned second straight MAAC Rookie of the Week honor for his performance vs. WMU and Ohio State...  Recorded seven rebounds and nine assists vs. No. 17/16 Ohio State on Dec. 20... Posted 10 points with the help of an 8-for-8 performance from the line at Hofstra on Dec. 23... Recorded nine points with a team-high seven rebounds and five assists at South Florida on Dec. 27... Led the Gaels with seven boards and five assists vs. Rider on Jan. 1... Posted a team-best 14 points on 7-of-8 shooting from the free throw line to go along with five assists vs. Fairfield on Jan. 4... Tallied 15 vs. Canisius, leading the squad for the second game in a row on Jan. 9... Upped his career-high with 17 points while also leading the team with seven rebounds and six assists at Rider on Jan. 11... Recorded a game-tying layup with five seconds left... Earned MAAC Rookie of the Week honors on Jan. 12... Posted 10 points at Niagara on Jan. 15... Had 12 points and eight assists at Canisius on Jan. 17 extending his Iona season-high to five straight double-digit point efforts... Named MAAC Rookie of the Week for the fourth time on Jan. 19, a new school record.. Led the Gaels with 13 points, six assists and three steals vs. Manhattan at Madison Square Garden on Jan. 24... Posted a game-high 16 points and eight rebounds at Siena on Jan. 26... Recorded his Iona season-high seventh straight 10+ point effort in the loss... Posted seven assists vs. Niagara on Feb. 2... Led the Gaels with 15 points and 10 rebounds in the overtime win vs. Marist on Feb. 7... Tallied five points and dished out two assists in the overtime period... Had an all-around effort at Loyola with eight points, a team-high four assists and matching a season-high with four steals on Feb. 13... Had nine points and eight assists vs. Siena on Feb. 16... Earned his Sixth MAAC Rookie of the Week honor for his performance vs. Siena and at Boston University on Feb. 23... Recorded 11 points and nine assists in the regular season finale vs. Loyola on Mar. 3... Had a team-high 14 points with three assists and three rebounds in the MAAC Opening Round contest vs. Marist.

Started at point guard for Danny Hurley’s St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, NJ and helped his team to a No. 2 national ranking with a 24-1 record as a senior... The finish was the best in school history... Averaged 12 points and eight assists per game... St. Benedict’s was ranked No. 1 in New Jersey by the Newark Star-Ledger and was also ranked No. 2 in the nation by USA Today... As a junior, he was a standout for St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset, NY where he played with former teammate and North Carolina standout Danny Green. Played his freshman season at St. Mary's under current Iona head coach Tim Cluess.

2008-09 | 2009-10 | 2010-11 | 2011-12

79th Haggerty Award Winner (NY Metropolitan Player of the Year)
MBWA All-Met First Team
Associated Press All-America Honorable Mention
Pepsi Max MAAC Player of the Year
All-MAAC First Team
USBWA All-District First Team
NABC All-District First Team
Top 15 Naismith Award
Top 11 Bob Cousy Award
Lute Olsen All-America Team All-America Third Team
Basketball Times All-America First Team
ECAC Division I Men’s Basketball All-Star Team

All-MAAC First Team
MBWA All-Met First Team
MAAC All-Tournament Team Mid-Major All-American
NABC All-District Second Team Postseason All-Tournament Team

All-MAAC Second Team
MBWA All-Met Second Team

MAAC Rookie of the Year
MAAC All-Rookie Team
Six-time MAAC Rookie of the Week
MBWA All-Met Third Team

Total 3-Point Rebounds Year GP-GS Min/Avg FG-FGA Pct FG-FGA Pct FT-FTA Pct Off-Def Tot Avg PF-FO Ast TO Blk Stl Pts/Avg 2008-09 31-27 836/27.0 90-222 .405 15-54 .278 93-134 .694 25-79 104 3.4 71-0 150 104 2 40 288/9.3 2009-10 31-29 872/28.1 117-290 .403 28-82 .341 126-159 .792 18-82 100 3.2 69-1 122 97 2 49 388/12.5 2010-11 37-36 1264/34.2 167-407 .410 40-125 .320 114-169 .675 32-111 143 3.9 89-2 281 131 6 49 488/13.2 2011-12 33-33 1171/35.5 155-313 .495 40-99 .404 99-122 .811 30-133 163 4.9 86-2 327 108 7 53 449/13.6 TOTAL 132-125 4143/31.4 529-1232 .429 123-360 .342 432-584 .740 105-405 510 3.9 315-5 880 440 17 191 1613/12.2

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