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Amateurism & Agents

Definitions & Applications:

  • Individual- Any person of any age without reference to enrollment in an educational institution or status as a student-athlete
  • Student-Athlete- A student whose enrollment was solicited by a member of the athletics staff or other representative of athletics interests with a view toward the student’s ultimate participation in the intercollegiate athletics program. Any other student becomes a student-athlete only when the student reports for an intercollegiate squad that is under the jurisdiction of the athletics department.
  • "Individual" vs "Student-Athlete"- NCAA amateur status may be lost as a result of activities prior to enrollment in college. If NCAA rules specify that an "individual" may or may not participate in certain activities, this term refers to a person prior to and subsequent to enrollment in a member institution. If NCAA rules specify "student-athlete" the legislation applies only to that person’s activities subsequent to enrollment.
  • Professional Athlete- A professional athlete is one who receives any kind of payment, directly or indirectly, for athletics participation except as permitted by the governing legislation of the Association.
  • Professional Athletics Team- A professional team is any organized team that provides any of its players more than actual and necessary expenses for participation on the team. Actual and necessary expenses are limited to the following:
    1. Meals directly tied to competition and practice held in preparation for such competition
    2. Lodging directly tied to competition and practice held in preparation for such competition
    3. Apparel, equipment and supplies
    4. Coaching and instruction
    5. Health/medical insurance
    6. Transportation
    7. Medical treatment and physical therapy
    8. Facility usage
    9. Entry
    10. Other reasonable expenses incidental to participation
  • General Regulations on Amateur Status: An individual loses amateur status making him/her ineligible for intercollegiate competition in that sport if the individual:
    1. Uses his/her athletics skill (directly or indirectly) for pay in any form in that sport
    2. Accepts a promise of pay even if such pay is to be received after completion of intercollegiate athletics
    3. Signs a contract or commitment of any kind to play professional athletics (regardless of enforceability)
    4. Receives, directly or indirectly, a salary, reimbursement of expenses or any other form of financial assistance from a professional sports organization based upon athletic skill or participation, except as permitted by NCAA rules & regulations
    5. Competes on any professional athletics team even if no pay or remuneration for expenses was received
    6. Enters into an agreement with an agent
    7. Enter into a professional draft subsequent to initial full time collegiate enrollment (for student-athletes entering college on or after 8/1/03)
    [Bylaw 12.1.1]
  • Use of Agents: An individual shall be ineligible for intercollegiate sport if her/she has agreed (orally or in writing) to be represented by an agent for the purpose of marketing his/her athletic ability or reputation in that sport. Further a student-athlete will become ineligible if he/she promise future negotiations by an agent and or if they accept a benefit from a prospective agent. [Bylaw 12.3.1]


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