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Miller's Court - Jordan Scarlett's Path To The MLS SuperDraft

          Release: 02/02/2017
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Written by junior softball student-athlete Courtney Miller

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - On Tuesday, Jan. 17, Iona College men's soccer defender Jordan Scarlett was drafted by the New York Red Bulls in the 2017 MLS Super Draft.

Scarlett’s story is that of a fairy tale.  He went from being a walk-on to an influential starter in the Gaels' lineup and has now progressed to a professional draft selection.

Now this did not happen overnight, nor was there some supernatural force that turned this dream into a reality. Scarlett spawned the magic himself.

Just a few weeks ago, Iona College men's soccer head coach James Hamilton was out training with Scarlett at 7 a.m. According to Jordan, he had a feeling opportunity was going to come his way and he wanted to be ready for it.

Just as the Bronx, NY native predicted, the big opportunity arrived.  Jordan Scarlett is following his dreams and currently training in Arizona with the Red Bulls organization.

To those who know Scarlett, early morning workouts are not a new thing.  People have seen the how hard he has worked throughout his time while donning the Maroon & Gold.  His worth ethic and character inspired and remains admired by those who surrounded him.

As Jordan strides to begin the next chapter of his athletic career as a Red Bull, his chapter at Iona has come to an end. His time at Mazzella Field has come to a close, and there are many people who were honored to be a part and watch the young man’s journey.

George V. Priovolos, Ph.D., associate professor, marketing & international business

"I'm a Jordan Scarlett fan. He took several classes with me in his junior and senior years and I seen him develop as a soccer player and, more importantly, as a person, one game, one class at a time! I am really impressed with the young man's potential as a leader on and off the field. I remember a game; parts of which I watched between classes. It was a tough match and there were a couple of tense moments between players. During one of them, I saw Jordan running all the way from one end of the field to the other to diffuse a difficult situation. I couldn't hear what he said to the other players but from his gestures it looked like he was saying, 'let's play ball...that's what we are here for'.  I felt so proud he was a Gael. I wish him all the best!"

Marley McLain ‘17, teammate

"The first day I met Jordan was our freshman orientation four years ago. Being freshmen, we were all very nervous and we started thinking about how much we thought we would play during the upcoming season. Jordan confidently as ever said he would start that year. Originally, I thought he was crazy, but then the season started, he went from hardly playing to playing a bit more every game. He became a starter by the seventh game. Since that day there hasn't been a starting lineup without Jordan in it.  People always seem to under estimate him but time and time again he proves himself and I expect nothing less than that as he takes his career to the next level."

James Hamilton, Iona Men's Soccer Head Coach

"The thing about Jordan is that he is a leader, even if he doesn't realize it. He has such a big personality. He's just that guy when he walks into a room. It's hard to name one or two moments that I will vividly remember of Jordan's career. I think day by day he was a leader and he lead by example. He just gets after it. We're all behind him, we're proud of him, and we wish him all the best."

Jhonny Arteaga, assistant coach Iona men’s soccer, former New York Red Bulls player

"When I first started coaching at Iona, Jordan was one of the boys on the team who first stood out. His competitive attitude and desire to win reminded me of my time as a professional player. I recall one of the first things he said to me: ‘Coach, what do these professional players have that I don't have? I would like you to help me, tell me what I need to work on and I will do it.’  From this day on, I knew Jordan was confident in his abilities but was willing work hard everyday to continue to improve."

Fernando Barboto, head coach NJIT men’s soccer, former head coach Iona men’s soccer

"Jordan was a fantastic person and player from beginning to end under my tenure.  He took so well to the Iona culture of working hard to better your game. His selection by the Red Bulls is a great example to all of us that when you have talent and you couple it with hard work good things happen!"

Jordan is grateful for his chapter of life here at Iona.  He himself has many thanks to give to all of those who came across his path.

Jordan Scarlett ‘17 – third round pick of the New York Red Bulls

"I want to thank Coach Barboto for giving me the incredible opportunity for just inviting me back to preseason at the start of my freshman year. At first, he had told me to come back in the spring for a try-out which meant I would have to miss the whole fall season of freshman year. Luckily, he changed his mind and the rest was history.

Also, I want to thank my coaches and teammates, especially the ones who constantly challenged me to improve daily. Thank you both Coach James and Coach Jhonny for helping improving my game and mentality on the field but also how to go about my off- the-field lifestyle.

To all the "underdogs" out there, when I joined the team as a walk on, I knew that I didn’t have the privilege of my other teammates who have been recruited. From that point my only focus was to out-work the players I shared a position with. I did whatever it takes. The timing of things does not always go as you want it to. You might have to stop and start over again. You might have to take a different path. When that happens, don't worry about what people might whisper or say about you. Always care more about your desired end-result and what you want most. Just keep going."


Jordan's chapter with the Red Bulls still remains unwritten. He will continue trust the process of his journey and continue to always work hard. For now, the Iona Community wishes you nothing but the best as you pursue your dream.



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