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Rowing Picks Up Two Wins At Sacred Heart Invitational

          Release: 04/22/2017
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SHELTON, CT -  The Iona College men's and women's Rowing programs each picked up a victory at the Sacred Heart Invitational on Saturday morning in Shelton, Connecticut. The Women's Novice Eight and the Men's Novice Eight took first in their respective races.

In the first race of the meet, the women's varsity eight placed ahead of Manhattan and behind Sacred Heart. The team consisting of Elise Tarrant, Alexandra Arluna, Willow Held-Pistone, Reise Manchester, Brittany Quirino, Lindsey Lee, Bailey Kross, Allison Kaufman and Serena Yanitelli finished the race in 8:30.25.

The women's second varsity eight race also placed second, trailing Sacred Heart and placing ahead of Manhattan. The boat consisted of coxswain Madison Kirch, followed by Emily Solomos, Margaret Baik, Alessandra Danyo, Adrianna Solhjoo, Oliva Ayer, Luka Summers, Daylin Sala, and Kate Tagliareni. Iona completed the race in 8:53.03, just under three seconds shy of the host team.

The Men's Varsity Four then placed third and fourth behind USMMA and SUNY Maritime. The third place team, consisting of coxswain Bianca Mesqueue followed by Logan Pietroforte, Edward Gonzalez, Nicholas Negron, and Barry James finished in 8:28.8. The lightweight team, led by coxswain Christopher Capozzola, Patrick Drummond, Vito Roca, Christian Carstensen and Abraham Bluestone finished the race in 8:29.8.

The women's varsity four took third place, finishing in 9:47.10. The squad of coxswain Madison Kirch, along with Alexandra Arlua, Brittany Quirino, Reise Manchester and Willow Held-Pistone trailed Manhattan and Sacred Heart and placed ahead of SUNY Maritime and a second Sacred Heart boat.

The men's novice four then came in second place behind USMMA and ahead of SUNY Maritime, finishing the race in 09:11.9. The boat was made up of Tyler Reynolds, John Hidalgo, Rocco Borghetti, Eric Berger and Killian Kane.

The women's novice eight beat out three other competitors, finishing ahead of the pack in 8:50.10. The team consisting of Samantha Rambusch, Emily Solomos, Margaret Baik, Alessandra Danyo, Adrianna Aolhjoo, Lindsey Lee, Bailey Kross, Allison Kaufman and Olivia Ayer beat out Sacred Heart, Manhattan and a second Iona squad. The team of Clarissa Rosano, Daylin Salis, Luka Summers, Julianna Lorusso, Alaina DiDonato, Delia Fernandez, Kate Tagliareni, Natalie Jimenez and Christina Lamiroult placed fourth with a time of 9:46.90.

The final race of the invitational saw the Gaels place first ahead of SUNY Maritime and USMMA. The squad finished the rae in 7:37.05 and was made up of coxswain Christopher Capozzola and followed by Pelligrino, Wheaton, Steven Quirino, Charles Doria, Justin Brownell, Matthew Laliberte, Thomas Hoehmann and Timothy Strowbridge.

Iona will return to the water in one week when they host the Spring Metropolitan Championships.


1. SHU - 8:01.25
2. Iona - 8:30.25
3. MAN - 8:32.75

1. SHU - 8:50.23
2. Iona - 8:53.03
3. MAN - 9:19.68

1. USMMA - 8:10.80
2. SUNY - 8:14.60
3. Iona - 8:28.80
4. Iona - 8:29:80

1. SHU - 9:25.10
2. MAN - 9:39.60
3. Iona - 9:47.10
4. SUNY - 10:14.10
5. SHU - 10:27.10

1. SUNY  - 8:50.10
2. Iona - 9:11.90
3. USMMA - 9:14.10

1. Iona - 8:51.90
2. SHU - 9:16.90
3. MAN - 9:40.10
4. Iona - 9:46.90

1. Iona - 7:37.05
2. SUNY - 8:02.74
3. USMMA - 01.07.00


Elise Tarrant - Coxswain
Alexandra Arluna
Willow Held-Pistone
Reise Manchester
Britt Quirino
Lindsey Lee
Bailey Kross
Allison Kaufman
Serena Yanitelli


Madison Kirch - Coxswain
Emily Solomos
Margaret Baik
Alessandra Danyo
Adrianna Solhjoo
Olivia Ayer
Luka Summers
Daylin Salas
Kate Tagliareni


Madison Kirch - Coxswain
Ally Arluna

Brittany Quirino
Reise Manchester
Willow Held-Pistone

Sam Rambusch - Coxswain
Emily Solomos
Margaret Baik
Alessandra Danyo
Adrianna Solhjoo
Lindsey Lee
Bailey Kross
Allison Kaufman
Olivia Ayer

Clarissa Rosano - Coxswain
Daylin Salis
Luka Summers
Julianna Lorusso
Alaina DiDonato
Delia Fernandez
Kate Tagliareni
Natalie Jimenez
Christina Lamiroult

Bianca Mesqueue - Coxswain
Logan Pietroforte
Edward Gonzalez
Nicholas Negron
Barry James

MV4 (lightweights)
Christopher Capozzola - Coxswain
Patrick Drummond
Vito Roca
Christian Carstensen
Abraham Bluestone

Tyler Reynolds - Coxswain
John Hidalgo
Rocco Borghetti
Eric Berger
Killian Kane

Novice 8
Christopher Capozzola - Coxswain
Steven Quirino
Charles Doria
Justin Brownell
Matthew Laliberte
Thomas Hoehmann
Timothy Strowbridge


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